Monday, November 22, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

MamaLa (grandma- I really need to get everyone explained, promise I'll do it soon) took the Weird Kid to run around while Mommy took a math test today, because Mommy's going to school. Yay... Here are some of the weird things he apparently said:

-about a nude statue: "Mommy got outta showa" and something about losing her towel :) this cracked me up when I heard about it

-"Helloooooo up there!" yelled up every tree he saw

-geese are apparently "pengin singles" (sea gulls). If you say so, Weirdo...

-he also tried to climb trees, split pine straw, and cleaned leaves off of things

However, he's giving MamaLa trouble and it's time to do dinner, so this will be a short one. Adios :)

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