Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's Jump Right In

I'll explain more about my Weird Kid later, let you know about the two years of weirdness he's already got behind him. I'm sure for now most of the followers will be family/friends, and fully aware. But today, I feel the need to jump right in with the Weirdness that occured yesterday.

First, I decided it might be a good idea for Weirdo to nap in his own room. Not really- he played cars and came out to beg his Papa to play cars with him. So I finally caved and brought him back to Mommy's bed. He wouldn't sit still, got out of bed, and colored on my footboard with colored pencils. I fussed, which upset him enough to wear him out and finally sleep at 3:30. When I went to wake him up, he slid down to the foot of the bed and to the floor, right in front of his "artwork." As if seeing it for the first time, the Weird Kid declares "Uh oh... color on Mommy's bed." I reply "Yeah, that's a no-no, isn't it? And who did that?" Kid picks up the right color, holds it up and announces "This pencil!" with pride. It was all I could do not to crack up. I asked him if he did it with that pencil, and he looked down and to the side (which is a lying tell) and slowly whispered "no". When asked again he mumbled something to himself. Obviously feeling guilty. So I quit fussing and made sure that he knew we don't do that. He reminded me "On paper!" Lesson learned.

At dinner, he took tomato juice and chicken and rubbed it on his hands ("washy hands") and arms ("take a bath!"). Sadly, only the bath bit is new. So, of course, we gave up on dinner to go take an actual bath. However, in the 2 minutes it took for Mommy to go grab a new roll of paper towels from the laundry room to clean him up a bit, Weird Kid shoved two pieces of rice into his right nostril. Yes, two. Why one wasn't uncomfortable enough, I've no idea. He was coughing and I caught on immediately. Blow nose, one out. Blow again, all better. But that's a phase I hope doesn't last long.

That's enough about my Weird Kid today I suppose. We had a nap battle again today, and sleep at 3:30. So it's been 2 hrs and I need to wake him up or he won't sleep at night, but that's another story :)

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  1. He is so funny katie, and I really enjoy all of your stories. I swear he is gonna be like 15 before I finally get to meet him! lol