Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vocabulary Lesson

Here are some weird words from a Weird Kid, while he "watches cartoons" (Ratatouille just ended, and Aladdin is on, great movies).

  • caca-yayda: calculator. a fun toy for button pressing, and shouting "I did it!" when things happen (usually error messages)
  • fru nacks: fruit snacks. really great snack, but should come in Thomas shapes (he was telling someone about this in an imaginary phone call today)
  • shopping codes: price tags. Mommy cuts these off his new clothes, and they're fun to drag around the house for her to find again later
  • scushi: sushi. a tasty snack, but more fun to take apart
  • pod: Mommy's iPod Touch. secretly property of Weird Kid, Mommy just doesn't know it yet
  • shone: phone. another toy with lots of buttons. good for pretend calls or real ones, and leaving really cute voicemail
  • Heyward: Edward the train (from Thomas). We're big Atlanta Braves fans, and Heyward's our star rookie. He's decided they have the same name
This will probably show up from time to time as the Weird Kid is always saying weird things. That's all Mommy can think of right now (really, I want to watch Aladdin too!)

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